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We are wrongly identified as a blog of an existing institution in the town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. We have to make clear that APBS does not represent Aspire Private British School in Paphos, Cyprus!

The AIM of This Blog

The education of our children is probably the most important investment we, as parents are obliged to make for our own children. To choose the right school however it is often difficult and requires plenty of research. So when we choose a school we need to be sure this is the place that will work for our children and us.

This blog was created to publish reviews, news and opinions about the APB School. All teachers, students, parents are welcome to submit their thoughts, experience and opinion absolutely anonymously. This does not mean the opinions, articles and reviews must be incorrect. By publishing a story or an article it is your own responsibility to guarantee the truthfulness of the same. We bare NO RESPONSIBILITY for content which is not true or is misleading.



We are a group of parents of current and former students and some current and former teachers. Everyone of us has own unique experience with APBS and in most cases not quite pleasant. We feel obliged to share our experience without any alterations, just as it is. We have decided to bring the things to wider publicity.



Anyone who has some personal experience may send us comments and stories. If you have your own story, please do not hesitate to send it to us through our contacts page. It is absolutely anonymous and it is entirely up to you to leave a valid email or any contacts. We will publish your story as-is without any corrections.