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This website contains fictitious stories. None of the information posted here represents real people or real events. We are wrongly identified as a blog of an existing educational institution in the town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. We have to declare that this site does not refer to Aspire Private British School in Paphos, Cyprus!

The shower cabin, the classroom and the kebap school with a long wating list.

People with "high morale" values running an educational institution. This is a bit weird. Actually, if it was not that worrying it would be quite funny, but it is not.

Can you imagine your child goes to a private British school, where there is an apartment for “pleasures” for the owner? Yes, you read it right…. Ample luxurious apartment with big windows overlooking the beautiful sea. Soft comfortable sofas and very large bed. Bathroom, shower cabin etc, etc, etc….

It would fit just fine if that was in a building of a night club, where the owner could take up young chicks for pleasures at any time.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. This cave of the sin is located next door a classroom. Yes, a classroom – sharing walls with a classroom, where children are being taught.

Why would one want to have a place for sweet caresses and gentle massages in a school building?

Well, the answer is horrendous. Just think about what is in the mind of that person! If you are a prominent Kebap School Owner with inability to keep the zip of your own pants up then you may be driven by a very strong sexual drive in all your choices and actions. Including your educational activities. Now this is horrendous, isn’t it?

One would say this was not true. For these people we would say just several things: Ask the former employees of the now defunct American Kebap Shop about the Polish affair of the old Hadjimaimouni kebap school general manager. Also go ask his former female maids who were abused in a very disgusting way. Police were sent to arrest one of them (quite familiar actually) just because she decided to have relations without the permission of the owner of her freedom and body.

We have other spicy stories which we will present to you soon, not because they are spicy but because they would help you better understand the people who feed the clear minds of your children with "knowledge" and form their values. The question is not about how spicy these are. It is about the morale of the Hadjimaimouni clan and how they make their choices and how that affects your children!

When you send your children every day to the Kebap Shop, are you sure you have made the right choice? Are you sure your child will not hear the sounds of pleasure coming from next door? Are you sure about the drives of the people who manage the future of your child?

This is something you can think about over the next months. September is quickly approaching!

Carpe Kebap

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