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Dear Aspire School of Kebap Employees, It Is Time For You to Go! The Longer You Stay -The Lower Your Reputation

We would like to address the poor teachers working at the Aspire Private British School of Kebap!

Most of you are under your 40's. This is the time when you build your career and gather experience. Spending more than an year in the Kebap Shop will not be a winning point in your curriculum vitae. The reputation of the Aspire Private British School of Kebap is so thin and continues to go lower and lower. Just at their waiting list goes thinner and thinner.

The longer you stay in this British School of Kebap the more you lose your qualifications, experience and reputation and not least - the more money you put into the pockets of the masters of hypocrisy - the Hadjimaimounis.

You are disposable for them. Just like napkins. They just don't care. They can work with you or with anyone else. They can tell you what you want hear. They can make you feel important and loved. They can even make you feel part of their "family". The truth however is very dark. You are nothing. You are just an entry on the salary list. The less you cost them and the more you work - the more they show you their love. Once you realize that, your choices will be much easier.

For the ones of you who have placed your children in that school or are planning to do so:

No Fully Recognized Apolytirion diploma: For those of you who have their children in the school and rely on discounts just to have the children graduated a private school we would only say the following: Do you measure the education of your children with money only? The diploma your children would get is even not aligned to the real Apolytirion diploma. The school does not have even a "similar" license. It is allowed to work as a "different" type of school.

The above means that if your children would one day rely on their diploma received from that Kebap Shop - they will not be recognized as qualified. The Kebap Shop needs to be either categorized as "same" or "similar". That is the truth. Take actions before it is too late.

For those of you who think they have privileges - you are also wrong: Hadjimaimouni's give privileges to no one. They just suck the most out of you for their own benefits and personal enrichment and for the benefits of their children (which by the way will be your future bosses one day) and one day you will only remain with what you thought were your privileges.

So Run, Run, Now it is the time to Run!

Carpe Kebap!


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