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Aspire Paphos - The Loop Around Hadjimaimouny is Thightening. A Police Officer Recorded to Threaten Innocent Person on Aspire Orders

We received a very interesting recorded phone conversation which took place on 25 February 2022. In this recording a police officer from the Nicosia Cyber Crime unit named E. E. is heard to threaten an innocent person to remove a specific website which publishes information about a Kebap Private British School in Paphos which may be related to the ASPIRE PRIVATE BRITISH SCHOOL of Kebap - Paphos.

The Hadjimaimounis - the owners of the Aspire Private British School of Kebap in Paphos may have "motivated" the police officer E.E. to threaten that specific person and also they had signed a false affidavit containing defamation claims.

The person who was threatened by E.E. managed to record the conversation now plans to send this recording to all newspapers. Obviously the Hadjimaimouni and the officer E.E. underestimated the intelligence of the person in question.

Our source asked us to retain the recording for the moment and publish it if something happens to the family of that person.

The loop around the Hadjimaimounis' necks is tightening. Every move is wrong. The Kebap School will be dead soon. The Hadjimaimounis fell in a well planned trap and they brought with them the poor E.E. from Nicosia Cyber Crime Department.

The only way that officer E.E. can save his career and future as a police officer is to abandon the Hadjimaimounies in their criminal revengeful activities !

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