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This website contains fictitious stories. None of the information posted here represents real people or real events. We are wrongly identified as a blog of an existing educational institution in the town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. We have to declare that this site does not refer to Aspire Private British School in Paphos, Cyprus!

Things You Will Not Be Told But Need to Know Before Enrolling Your Child in Aspire British School of Kebap.

We start a series of articles which will bring to light more insights from the Aspire Private British School of Kebap and the latest developments.

1. The school does not have a license that allows it to issue fully recognized Apolitirion diploma.

The ministry of education classifies schools as three different types: Same, Similar and Different. Schools of type same or similar are allowed to issue fully recognized diplomas for secondary education. This is not the case with schools of type “different”.

The Aspire Private British school of Kebap is licensed by the ministry of education as a “DIFFERENT” type school. This means that the school does not follow the same or similar curriculum and the diplomas issued by the school are not recognized in all higher educational institutions.

If you are a Cypriot student or a student who plans to apply for job or further education on the island of Cyprus a diploma of type “Different” will not be accepted. This means you are effectively cut off all government jobs or jobs which require a relevant secondary education certificate.
In addition - most universities throughout Europe require from Cypriot students to have diplomas of type “same” or “similar”.

To verify the above information please visit the official ministry website

2. Multiple hidden fees and extra costs.

The fees of the school look similar to what other private schools in the area charge. This however is just a deception. Along with your annual fees you will also be charged several “one-time” fees for enrollment, document processing, administrative fee, etc..

The uniform that you must buy is much more expensive compared to the price of the uniform of the other private schools in the region.

The schoolbooks that are needed are 2+ times more expensive than the relevant schoolbooks used by the other school. This is because the school orders the books in one external bookshop only (instead of having them in a school bookshop). This external bookshop adds a very huge profit margin.

In addition - parents must pay for the student’s notebooks 5 euro each while same schoolbooks cost just a few cents in bookshops. The school does not allow students to buy notebooks from outside.

External exams are twice more expensive compared to other schools.

So, if your raw annual fee is 7000 euro you will end up with abut 8500 euro not including charges you pay to the school when external exams are take. These overreach 1000 euros per student.

Roughly the amount you must pay is 20-30 percent more than what you think you will pay initially.

3. The teaching staff underpaid changing often.

Teach staff in the school is underpaid. This leads to often changes as teachers come and go quite quickly. There have been cases (not exceptions) when teachers in certain subjects are changed 3-4 times per year.

The low salaries of teacher (sometimes below 800 euros per month) are a factor of plenty of low-quality or inexperienced staff that comes to the school to gather experience and once this is done, they leave for a batter paid place. The staff and teachers are largely considered as disposables by the school owners.

Children are often complaining about teachers who are even lacking basic English language knowledge thus making lessons difficult to understand. We have recordings of such which we will publish soon in separate articles.
4. Minimal usage of technology in the school

The school is seriously lagging in terms of usage of technology in the educational process. Until recently the classrooms were only equipped with whiteboards and markers and some of them had old fashioned projectors. A parent donated a few interactive whiteboards and basically this is the entire technological equipment the school is providing.

In addition – students are forbidden to use digital tools like tablets in class, unlike other school where this has been established as a standard. The school no longer implements a proper database student and learner management system. It only relies on Microsoft Office. There is no proper homework and lesson delivery platform in use. No parent monitoring system or anything like that. The reason for this serious lagging behind is the shortsightedness of the Hadjimaimouni owners who have absolutely no technological background nor they have any vision to manage a contemporary school. The only have Kebap Shop Management experience – thus the results.

In addition – recently the school had been affected by several data leaks. Unfortunately, till today the school management has absolutely no idea who and why this was caused.

The Hadjimaimouni used the situation to accuse a former teacher who they hated for leaving their school after helping them survive throughout the covid lockdowns. They sent police officers to him. They published officially information on their facebook page about the case, even providing details which should only be known to officers. The teacher was briefly held and released with no evidence.

The whole case however turned to be defamatory and revengeful, and that person is now taking separate legal actions towards the Hadjimaimouni  and the compromised Paphos police (officers were recorded to threaten him). It is believed the police officers were working under pressure from their bosses who are close with the Hadjimaimouni. 

In addition - the police officers caused significant damages to a private software European company with millions of users after being misled by the Hadjimaimounis' "testimonies". This separate case is now referred to the European court of justice. The company is taking legal actions for every day being prevented to fulfill its regular activities due to the actions of the police officers. While the case is reviewed by the European institutions the school site is under restricted access for preserving evidence. ( ).

Another case for defamation is in progress towards Hadjimaimoni family by their former teacher.

The compensations sought under all these cases against Hadjimaimouni and their "links" in the Paphos Police are believed to be worth more than 500 000 euros all together, the larges amount of which is for the European company which suffered damages from the illegal actions caused by the Paphos police after considering Hajimaimouni's fake accusations and retaining of information.

This story is under development! Due to the ongoing proceedings we are unable to disclose any additional details known to us. In a future article we will publish all the details about that teacher and the defamatory case against Hadjimaimouni. We are closely following all developments of all these cases that are still ongoing.


Our informers in the school tell us that the school is still suffering almost daily data leaks and the Hadjimaimouni have no idea what information has been made public or how to protect their files. It is just disastrous!


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