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Bonjour, Buongiorno, Buenos días, Guten Morgen

If your child is attending Aspire, it is quite likely they have no idea what these things above mean.

If your child is from an English-speaking family, it is quite likely that English will be their only language… forever.

Do you know that there are approximately 3.3 billion bilingual people worldwide, accounting for 43% of the population? Just 17.5% of UK adults are bilingual.

Most schools in the town offer at least one extra foreign language. This is either Spanish, French or German. Unfortunately, our Kebap Shop offer none of these. Your English-speaking child will never join the 33 billion world population if you are British. If your child’s mother tongue is not English, then your Aspire student will be in a slightly better position.

No foreign language is offered in this school.

Do you know why? Because it costs money. The foreign language in Aspire is treated like adding extra ketchup to the Kebap for free. They will not do it. They would rather linguistically amputate your child than offer what all other school provide as granted.

In the 21-century speaking only one language is insufficient. Speaking 2 language is a bit better but all statistics show that people with good career speak at least 2 or 3 languages.

So before you apply for this Kebap school please consider how important this is for your child. Are you planning a non-competitive future for him/her? Do you think foreign languages are important?

Carpe Kebap

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  • 33 billion people? Damn that’s a lot considering the worlds population of 7.9 billion…
  • It is 3.3. It looks like you are either in one of these nor you have maths skills. Are you an Aspire student ? Smile
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