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This website contains fictitious stories. None of the information posted here represents real people or real events. We are wrongly identified as a blog of an existing educational institution in the town of Paphos on the island of Cyprus. We have to declare that this site does not refer to Aspire Private British School in Paphos, Cyprus!

The school about to lose its license in September, sources said. Parents urgently rushing children out of it.

We have been notified by trusted sources that the school will soon lose its government license.

The sources said the reason for this were a massive amount of complaints to the Ministry about systematic issues with the school curriculum, examinations, marking principles, faking documents, archive handling etc, etc...

Regarding the school building -studies have been carried and the school building no longer complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Magic. The checks by the experts found a private apartment in the school premises which hosts suspicious overnight and daily activities in the school premises. The complaint to the Ministry of Magic read it was immoral and places the children under a serious risk.

In addition - the school lacked clear criterion about the syllabus when issuing government diplomas. Multiple other complains have also been filed.

There has been a commission established and sources said the license will be revoked effectively at the end of the school year. This will allow the remaining 150 students to graduate normally but they will be referred to government schools to continue their education.

Two questions remain: When will the managers notify the parents about the license problems. How will current teachers manage to find a job.

Parents are advised to act promptly to secure place for their children in the preferred schools as soon as possible, unless the child in reception as there is no license required for it.

We have been handed plenty of documents by anonymous sources which we have already scheduled for publishing on this web site. Please share this to help as many people as possible.

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