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Electa Communications Files a Lawsuit Against Paphos Police Worth 700 000 EUR re Intellectual Property & Losses

Electa Communications ltd, which is the company that has an active contract with the Aspire Private British School of Kebap has officially filed a lawsuit against the District Police Office in Paphos, Cyprus! (Electa Communications Ltd serves 2.5 million students worldwide with branches in more than 20 countries).

The claim is for 700 000 euro damages which the police officers caused the local office of the company by unlawfully seizing computers and storage devices of the company after a defamatory complaint by the Hadjimaimouni family against the manager and CEO of the company.

The original complaints by Hadjimaimouni contained unsustainable and defamatory accusations of hacking and other untrue claims and misled the police authorities to enter the official company address in Paphos and seize the assets located in the premises.

While the Hadjimaimouni School of Kebap has got an active contract with Electa Communications and they have been bound by the Service Agreement with Electa Communications Ltd, which allows and give permission to Electa Communications Ltd to store and work with their data, they claimed unlawful access to the same.

Theses above actions have led to damages and withholding intellectual property worth 700 000 euros (as of beginning of April and continues to grow), thus this legal proceeding will take place. One of the best Nicosia-based law companies has taken over along with some international lawyers, we were told.

It will be up to the Paphos Police to further charge the the Hadjimaimounis for misleading information, false accusations or compensations. Another private lawsuit is expected to be launched after Easter towards the Hadjimaimouni for defamation.

(This story is under development and will be forwarded to local newspapers as soon as we have more details on these developments)

Carpe Kebap

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